Spotlight on Jefferson County, Missouri

Welcome to Jefferson Co., Missouri

Jefferson County is located just south of St. Louis city and county. The county was included as the mean center of U.S. population in 1980 and is the sixth most-populous county in Missouri. Census 2010 put the population of Jefferson County at just over 219 thousand. The county seat is located in Hillsboro, MO. Organized in 1818, the county was named in honor of former President Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson County is part of the St. Louis Metro Area and consists of many of the southern suburbs of St. Louis.

Early History of Jefferson County

In 1798, Moses Austin, a Connecticut Yankee, obtained a Spanish land grant of 3 square miles of land after learning of the richness of the area's rich mineral deposits. Bringing in equipment and workmen from Virginia, he began mining and smelting lead despite frequent problems with the Osage Indians. In 1808 Austin and Samuel Hammond laid out a town at the mouth of Joachim Creek for their lead shipping headquarters. Legend has it that Austin named the town Herculaneum because the limestone strait was so eroded that it resembled seats in the amphitheater of the ancient buried city near Naples. John Maclot built the first shot tower west of Pittsburgh in 1809 with Austin erecting it high on the Mississippi bluffs in 1810.

In December of 1818, along with seven other counties, Jefferson County was formed from parts of Saint Louis and Ste. Genevieve Counties by an "Act of the Territory". The county was named "Jefferson" in honor of the third President of the United States and father of the Louisiana Purchase. Herculaneum, with a population of 200, was named the first county seat in 1821, the same year Missouri attained statehood.

By 1831, a more central location for a county seat was desired and Hillsboro, MO become the county seat. At the west edge of Hillsboro flowed a spring. A good water source and the fact that Hillsboro was a stopping point in the trail which passed between Potosi and St. Louis. These factors became key in deciding the relocation of the county seat. The railroad stops of De Soto, the discovery of high quality sand in Crystal City, the establishment of the largest lead smelter in the United States, and the entry of the Frisco Railroad added greatly to the county's continued growth.

The Complexion of the Jefferson County

The 2009 Census revealed that the population of Jefferson County consisted of 219 thousand residents, an increase of 11% versus 2000. The faces of Jefferson Co tend to be primarily white with 96.6% Caucasian, 1.3% African-American and 1.5% Hispanic or Latino origin.

Jefferson County Real Estate

The median value of a Jefferson County home in 2009 was $99,200 which was 10% ahead of the average price of a home in the state of Missouri. In 2009 there were just over 88,000 housing units with 83.4% of the population reported to be homeowners. In 2009, the median household income was $57,897 which was 23.6% ahead of the average household income fro the state.

Retail Shopping

Arnold Commons is located 20 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri on the southwest corner of I-55 and Highway 141. Arnold Commons is the premier retail destination in Jefferson County. The center's sensational visibility from I-55, tremendous access from 141, and strong co-tenancy will promote continued success and support for Missouri's second fastest growing county. Anchored by Lowe's Home Improvement Center, Dierbergs, Office Depot, PetSmart and many great restaurants, Arnold Common's offers nearly 318 thousand square feet of retail shopping.

A Great Place to Live...

The residents of Jefferson County, Missouri have come to love the quality affordable housing that is just a short drive from their place of work and shopping. Jefferson Co. has become one of the greater St. Louis area's shining stars and a perfect place to call home. For more information about great places to live in Jefferson County don't hesitate to contact Christine Mastis.